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Have you seen this phrase in the Game?

Player A: has predicted their team will win !!

If you are so sure about that, let us make it more interesting.

Place your MONEY on your MATCH

Who is playing ? Against Who ?

You bet on Yourself to WIN !

Unlike traditional betting site, you bet on your self/team to win against a TBD (To Be Determined) opponent in your (To Be Played) Dota2 match itself. there is no foul play involved. Either you win or your TBD opponent win.

Dota2 Match

Should I trust you with the FUND?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We don't possess your fund.

We use the Power of Blockchain Smart Contract Technology as a Secure and Trustless fund Locker. Without geographic and financial barriers that ensures your funds are protected, transparent, and accessible from anywhere in the world. Even when we busted our ass, your fund still protected on the blockchain.

The blockchain that we use...

Currently, we are developing on Arbitrum blockchain. If you would like to use another blockchains, please let us know on our discord.

How do we decide the winner?

Seamlessly integrated with Steam API

Our system is designed to provide a fair and secure environment for all users. We employ the STEAM DOTA API to streamline the process and ensure the accuracy of match outcomes.

Embracing Decentralization:

Our Believe in the Decentralized System. While one part of our platform remains centralized, we're actively progressing toward full decentralization. As technology advances, we'll swiftly migrate to a decentralized system.

Steam API

How to use

Start Leveraging Your eSports Skill as Simple as

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Connect Your Steam ID & Wallet

Seamless Access: Connect Your Steam Account and Web3 Wallet for Instant Service, No Account Creation Required!

Make Battle & Place Bet

Ignite the Ultimate Gaming Experience: Create, Challenge, and Bet with Our Smart Contracts!

dota2 map
dota2 map

Play Your Match

Win your battle. Our platform seamlessly identifies the winners, ensuring a fair and transparent eSports environment.

Claim Your Bet

Claim Your Victories with Confidence in Our Smart Contract Platform! Experience a new level of security and fairness in trustless environment.

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IDEA & Research Phase

2023, January


Funding Phase

2023, March


Development & Tinkering

2023, March - Current


Beta Opening(Invite Only) Phase

2023, May


Public Platform

2023, Soon

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